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A Division of Captiv8: Banker Bags NYC!

A Division of Captiv8: Banker Bags NYC!

Check out a division of Captiv8 Promotions, Banker Bags NYC, that customizes banker bags for your company. Here’s their most recent blog post:


Here is a quick description of the infamous banker bag if you don’t already know about the everlasting trendy-statement to hit the streets:  it’s a canvas duffle bag that’s typically black, navy, or green. Most banker bags are distributed among bankers, with the name of the bank on the ribbon of the banker bag. If you live in NYC, you’ll be sure to spot one of these banker bags along Park Avenue, around Wall Street, and/or on a subway. The bag makes a bigger statement than all the suits and ties: it means you’ve made it in the trade field. The bag is now known as the Bag of the Street (aka Wall Street…the big leagues).

It all started 23 years ago with a promotional legacy, Lisa McCullagh. She wanted to make a bag that did not come off too simple like a canvas tote, but not too high end. She wanted to make a bag that was big enough and practical to be used everyday. Her idea took off at a sewing factory and her first client was major banking company, JP Morgan.

The bag reached major levels of success; firms, colleges, private events and tech companies were using these bags to promote their company and unify their employees.

Make a statement with these banker bags and customize your very own for your firm or private event; with both a meaningful bag and an intricate custom design, your bag will be a promotional success joining the big leagues across Manhattan!

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