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Captiv8 Company News and Promotions of 2016!

Captiv8 Company News and Promotions of 2016!

Captiv8 Promotions president, Larry Shapiro, is proud to announce the following well-deserved promotions at Captiv8:

Victoria Brennan, Jessica Kanarek, and Roxanna Castillo-Leonardo have all been promoted to VP’s of sales!
All have shown 10, or more, years of dedication, loyalty, professionalism, growth and success while at Captiv8. Victoria, Jessica, and Roxanna each display a constant willingness to help others within the company while individually maintaining their individual drive and passion. That is the kind of talent and quality it takes to succeed; as president, I am proud to call them each friends as well as employees.

Brent Mittleman has been promoted to VP of business development & sales at Captiv8!

Brent has proven himself to be an all around team leader. He has shown consistent sales growth while displaying a keen insight to many strategies that will benefit the overall business at Captiv8. He is valued for all his hard work on a daily business. We can’t wait to see what the new VP of business development & sales will accomplish at Captiv8 in 2016!

Nicole Wooley has been promoted as an account manager!
Nicole has shown an amazing deal of commitment to Captiv8 and towards the clients she works with on a daily basis. Her tireless effort never goes unnoticed by others at Captiv8, but more importantly by the clients she works with. Her value to the company continues to increase each year, and we look forward to another year of her dedication and hard work at Captiv8!