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Are Collapsible Water Bottles the Next Big Thing?

Are Collapsible Water Bottles the Next Big Thing?

Promo Marketing: “There’s no such thing as a standard water bottle anymore, is there? With all of the different design components and features, water bottles have become one of the most versatile and customizable products in both the retail and promotional products space. One certain design feature has stood out to us in recent years, and that’s a collapsible design.

If there was any doubt that collapsible water bottles are getting bigger (and smaller, since they collapse. Get it?), one company just raised $500,000 on Kickstarter for its collapsible water bottle design.

Additionally, many people are concerned with the environmental impact of plastic water bottles. The collapsible water bottle, called the que Bottle, is made of silicon.

Jean Wu, one of the creators of the product, told Digital Trends that large-scale events like music festivals and the need for refillable, yet conveniently-sized water bottles were a major influence.

“We go to a lot of music festivals,” she said. “At these events, we noticed that there’s a real problem with plastic bottles. There’s always a big waste problem afterwards, with bottles left everywhere. We came up with the idea of the que Bottle because we just thought it was so bad for the environment that people were buying all these bottles of water and then just throwing them away.”

One Business Insider writer agreed with the rationale:

As a frequent festival-goer myself, I can easily see the que Bottle becoming an essential addition [to] the backpacks of Coachella and Bonnaroo attendees. When you’re spending the entire day in the sun, you want something compact enough to carry all day, but big enough to carry a decent amount of water.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve created,” Wu told Digital Trends. “I think this is going to be something a lot of people will find exciting.”

With all of the stress on environmental impact and convenience in today’s world, the signs certainly are there that people want products that they can carry anywhere without worrying about being too bulky. When you add a green spin on things, that appeal grows exponentially. Promotional products distributors should look toward collapsible bottles for inspiration for future promotions, especially for outdoor events.”

Although the que Bottle does not offer the option to customize and add your logo, there are other collapsible water bottles out there that DO have that option. Based off of their sales on Kickstarter, the que Bottle has proven to us that this technology is something that people are gravitating towards.

Another brand to take a further look into is ‘Hydaway Bottle’. The hydaway bottle has a different shape than the que Bottle, but uses the same technology to collapse, making travel extremely simple. It’s a reusable, squishy water bottle that collapses down to the size of a puck when empty, so you can tuck it in a pocket, backpack or glovebox to refill later.

The colorful, silicone bottles expand to hold 12 or 21 ounces of water. The bottles are watertight and BPA-free, with dishwasher-friendly lids and built-in drinking straws. The Hydaway Bottle allows you to imprint your logo right in the middle so it will be visible when the bottle is both extended and collapsed! These bottles are ideal for your brand to be noticed at music festivals, charity events, marathons, and more.

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