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Custom Black & White Luxury Candles

Custom Black & White Luxury Candles

Captiv8 Supply: These custom branded candle gifts are perfect for corporate gifting, employee recognition, fundraising, new client gifts, thank you gifts, marketing events, advertising campaigns, new product launches, promotions, swag, gift with purchase, branded merchandise, pop up shops and short run private label. These luxury custom candles are custom-made to order – You can even choose from 100 different fragrances as well as a variety of wax colors!

These gorgeous 14 oz. tumbler candles are decorated with your logo, then hand poured with scented soy-blend wax – You have the option to decide between a matte or glossy tumbler.  Each candle contains an eco-friendly wooden wick, which makes a gentle crackling noise as it burns. Every imprint color is beautiful on these black or white candles.  Each candle is packed in 2 piece luxury gift box, imprinted with your logo as well.

Fragrances include:

Bakery Collection – Warm, Rich, Sweet & Tart Fragrances

Buttermilk Pancake – Fluffy pancakes, covered in butter and maple syrup
Caramel – Buttery, rich, creamy caramel
Chocolate Chip Cookie – A real cookie – chocolate, brown sugar & pecan scent
Cinnamon Bun – Warm cinnamon & vanilla icing scent
French Vanilla – Rich, sweet & creamy French vanilla
Gingerbread – Sweet & fragrant gingerbread… Spiced just right
Hot Apple Pie – Delicious warm apples, spices & crust

Beverage & Cocktail Collection – Promotions Shaken, Not Stirred

Bourbon – Rich, mellow bourbon whiskey
Champagne – Delicate, fruity champagne
Hot Cocoa – Rich & creamy chocolate, cocoa scent
Margarita – Tangy blend of Lime & Tequila
Pina Colada – Blend of Pineapple, Rum & Coconut
Rum – Rum with notes of Coconut & Vanilla
Wine & Roses – Rose notes with subtle white wine notes

Essential Oils – Natural, Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy

Citrus – Energizing blend of Orange, Lemon and Lime
Eucalyptus – Legendary for its healing effect on the body
Lavender – Sweet, Therapeutic and calming
Mint – Refreshing and cooling Spearmint and Peppermint
Pine – A balancing blend of Fir Needle and Fresh Pine
Rosemary Lavender – Therapeutic and calming Rosemary and Lavender

Famous Inspirations – Fragrances similar to brands you love

Chanel No. 5 (Type)  – Classic, powdery floral
Diptyque Baies(Type)  – Rose bouquet, with blackcurrant leaves
Diptyque Feu De Bois (Type)  – Winter forest, smokey campfire
Jo Malone Orange Blossom (Type)  – Orange blossom and water lily
Juicy Couture Malibu (Type)  
– Sweet pink sugar and citrus notes
LeLabo Santal 26 (Type) 
 – Leather, with smoky tobacco
LeLabo Vanille 44 (Type)  
– Vanilla, with mandarin orange & incense notes

Floral Collection – Floral Fantasies of Fabulous Flower Bouquets

Cherry Blossom – Sweet, fruity, flowery notes
Fresh Cut Grass – Fresh cut green grass, mossy fragrance
Gardenia – Rich essence of the gardenia flower
Honeysuckle – A sweet-smelling summer floral
Jasmine – Intoxicatingly romantic floral
Lavender – Classic French Lavender scent
Lilac – The scent of fresh blooming lilac
Magnolia – Intoxicating, sweet magnolia scent
Peony – Sensual, romantic, wild flower scent
Plumeria – Perfumey, strong Hawaiian floral scent
Rose – A freshly-bloomed fragrant rose
Violet – A sweet, single-note violet
Wine & Roses – Rose notes with subtle white wine notes

Fruit Collection – Sweet & Juicy Scents

Apple – A bite of fresh, sweet apple
Banana – Ripe, rich tropical banana
Fig – Mediterranean full-bodied ripe fig
Grapefruit – Juicy, bittersweet and refreshing grapefruit
Mango – Fresh and fruity tropical mango
Peach – Smells like a ripe, juicy peach
Pomegranate – Rich pomegranate with a floral note
Red Currant – Strong and fruity with a tangy bite

Holiday Collection – When it’s ‘Tis the Season

Apple Pie – Delicious warm apples, spices and crust
 – Favorite fresh wintery, holiday fragrance
Candy Cane – Classic peppermint with a sweet twist
Christmas Pine – Fresh & spicey Christmas Balsam Pine
Egg Nog – Rich holiday eggnog with a touch of spiced rum
Gingerbread – Sweet & fragrant gingerbread… Spiced just right
Pumpkin Spice – A rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice
Spiced Cranberry – Crisp, tart cranberry with a spicey note
Sugar Plum – Very sweet, and pleasant Christmas plum scent

Men’s Collection – Earthy & Masculine Scents

Bay Rum – A sharp, earthy, spicy classic
 – The fresh scent of a cut cedar tree
Clean Cotton – A crisp, freshly-washed boyfriend’s t-shirt
Fresh Brewed Coffee – Fresh &  rich coffee-lover’s fragrance
Leather – Smells like new leather
Oak Moss – A forest scent — deep & earthy with floral undertones
Sandalwood – Rich, warm & woody scent
Tobacco – Smooth, rich blend of tobacco with a hint of cherry

Tropical Collection – Vacation Paradise Scents

Banana – Ripe, rich tropical banana
 – A pure, sweet coconut fragrance
Gardenia – Rich essence of the gardenia flower
Mango – Fresh and fruity tropical mango
Passionfruit – Exotic, sweet scent of passion fruit
Pineapple – Tropical, sweet, juicy pineapple
Plumeria – Super sweet exotic flower

Zen Spa Collection – Soothing Scents

Bamboo – Bamboo, green tea & a floral note
 – Orange Citrus, with a sharp, powdery note
 – Scent of freshly sliced cucumber
Eucalyptus – Legendary for its healing effect on the body
Ginger – Sweet ginger with notes of citrus
Green Tea – A fresh, green, herbal scent — like real green tea
Jasmine – Intoxicatingly romantic floral
Lemon Grass – A strong herbal lemon scent
Lemon Verbena – Fruity lemon with note of honey
Patchouli – Earthy & woodsy fragrance
Rain – Fresh, green floral fragrance
Sage – Fresh, spicy with a note of camphor
Sandalwood – Rich, warm & woody scent
White Tea & Ginger – Soft tea with citrus, jasmine and ginger notes

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