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Custom Coffee Press Tumbler – French Press Coffee On-The-Go!

Custom Coffee Press Tumbler – French Press Coffee On-The-Go!

Captiv8 Supply: Take your daily cup of coffee to the next level with this portable Coffee Press Tumbler! This tumbler comes in 3 parts: a colored coffee press cylinder, a matte black outer base and a matte black lid. Choose from green, red, purple, light blue, orange, dark blue or black for the coffee press.

Simply remove the colored press, put a spoonful of your favorite coffee (or multiple spoonfuls depending on how strong you like it) inside the tumbler, fill it up with hot water, then take the colored coffee press and slowly press down, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee every time! At the bottom of each press, there is a mesh filter which leaves the grounds at the bottom as the hot water fills the tumbler. 

With its triple wall insulation, this tumbler will keep your coffee hot for hours. It also comes with a slider lid, so it doesn’t splash or spill while you’re walking or driving.

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