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Full Color Pop Up Umbrellas

Full Color Pop Up Umbrellas

Captiv8 Supply: These Pop Up umbrellas offer a premium open/close feature which is activated by pressing a button on the handle. To open, there’s no sliding the umbrella up and catching your finger on that sharp clip (like on cheaper umbrellas). You simply push the button and it automatically pops open! Press the button again and it automatically closes.

These umbrellas are made of a material called Pongee, which has a denser weave than nylon, making it stronger, more durable and more water resistant. When it’s fully opened, it has a 42.5″ arc and measures 20″ high from the bottom of the handle to the top of the arc.

With the ability to print different full-color designs on each panel and to add a full-color sleeve, Pop Up umbrellas are the perfect blank canvas to show off your brand… and best of all they’re produced in just 28 days with a 100 piece minimum!

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