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Green is the New Black: 5 Steps to be green at your next trade show!

Green is the New Black: 5 Steps to be green at your next trade show!

Captiv8’s annual trade show is tomorrow, so we and other promotional experts gathered up five steps to make your trade show a promotional hit and an environmentally-safe central.

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Step 1: serve the guests in a green fashion: Sometimes, the best part about a promotional event or a promotional product showcase is the hors d’oeuvres and open bar. However, some or many will look for the green distribution of these sweets. For instance, instead of plastic, opt for reusable glass cups and plates. Even better, opt for a reusable water bottle or mug that implements the logo of your event or company.

Step 2: promote your brand through nature and green products: Everyone loves free stuff and will always take something if there’s no price tag, but what people love more than free giveaways is free recycled-material promotional giveaways. Whether it’s a reusable set of pens, water bottle, or a reusable bag, make sure it’s obvious that the material used was green and not harmful to the environment, such as Styrofoam (none of that!).

Step 3: pay the extra dollar for that recycled paper: Brochures are a main asset to a successful event. Why not print your brochure on natural and recycled paper? The brochure will not only stick out from others, but it will also be kept longer than others due to its quality material.

Step 4: digital versus print: Nowadays, almost everyone reads articles and books digitally. People even shop online more than they do in person, so join the crowd and publish your brochure online. By doing so, you can minimize the amount of paper you need to print copies of catalogs/brochures and clients will be able to refer to a digital brochure easier and more frequently. #SaveTheTrees.

Step 5: two logos – one product:  Not everyone has a sharp eye for a recycled product, so make sure you give clear cut instructions along with easily identifiable logos that show which giveaways are recyclable and which are not. For instance, make sure your products are printed with the recycling symbols.