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Introducing: QUIKFLIP APPAREL – As Seen On Shark Tank!

Introducing: QUIKFLIP APPAREL – As Seen On Shark Tank!

Captiv8 Supply:

“You got a deal!” – Lori Greiner

Quikflip is a super sleek, body-conforming backpack with two built-in storage compartments, one for larger items, and one for smaller items like your cell phone, wallet or keys. The backpack straps are fully adjustable using our patent pending Slide&Bite® cord locks and can be tightened for comfort and security during high-intensity activity.

With twice the function, and twice the branding, Quikflip Apparel offers a one-of-a-kind promotional opportunity for any brand, organization, or team.

The only question we have is: Why would anyone ever print a client’s logo on a regular hoodie when you get twice the function and twice the branding with a Quikflip hoodie.

Founder, Rener Gracie appeared on Shark Tank and shared his idea with the Sharks. Lori Greiner felt that he needs focus and she could assist him through her experience and connections. After extending him an offer and counteroffer for a $250,000 cash investment and a $250,000 line of credit in exchange for a 10% equity share, Rener accepted and is now in business with Lori!

Dryflip Jacket

Available in green, pink or black.

Convertible Crew

Available in black, heather gray or charcoal gray.

Full Zip Hoodie

Available in black, heather gray, navy, charcoal & burgundy.

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