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Have a Little Swag With That Wine!

Have a Little Swag With That Wine!

“It represents, from the Atlantic to the Centre Region, the balance point between South and North, sweetness and freshness, art and literature, tradition and modernity.
It is from these harmonious combinations, enhanced by a temperate climate and rich terroirs, that a highly vibrant diversity of wines is born.”

The Loire Valley is France’s third most important winemaking region and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the home to over 50 appellations that are united under the Loire Valley. They are all members to the InterLoire who’s goal is to develop and protect their wines. The special winemakers talent is expressed in their individual wines throughout every stage of the making process. Every detail is considered from growing the grapes, to the bottling stage and the ensemble of unique and aromatic hues.

Captiv8 has created a few products for the beautiful valley and two of their fantastic wines. Rosè de Loire and ROSE D’ANJOU are the two wines that are being highlighted on our custom swag. Like the tote says, the Rosè de Loire wine offers a dry taste while the ROSE D’ANJO is sweeter. The Valley’s signature pink hue is present in both wines, which we represented with the translucent custom sunglasses. Custom napkins will be used at wine tastings and tours in the diverse landscapes of the Loire Valley.

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