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Parkland Design & Manufacturing: Bags Made From 100% Recycled Water Bottles

Parkland Design & Manufacturing: Bags Made From 100% Recycled Water Bottles

Captiv8 Supply: “Established in 2015, Parkland Design & Manufacturing creates bags and accessories for everyday life. The exterior fabric of all Parkland products is made from 100% recycled water bottles. Our mission is to inspire others to make sustainable choices by offering products that combine purpose, style, and quality at an accessible price.” –

New Styles

The Classics

How They Do It:

  • Sort it.
    Clear plastic PET bottles are collected and cleaned at the sorting facility. Fun fact — To easily remove the labels, the bottles are bathed in acid. Ironically, soda which often comes in plastic bottles, can cause acid reflux in humans.
  • Shred it.
    Bottles are crushed into small plastic flakes. If you happen to enjoy watching parmesan cheese being grated on top of pasta, surely this is also a process you will enjoy watching.
  • Melt it.
    The plastic flakes are melted into small pellets. While they might resemble Tic Tacs, regrettably the pellets do not freshen breath.
  • Spin it.
    The pellets are melted again, then extruded and spun into thread. You know what else melts? Ice cream. And hearts, especially during the adolescent years.
  • Weave it.
    The thread is woven into fabric and dyed. We like to combine colors in order to create the most desirable patterns possible. It’s nice to be desired.
  • Sew it.
    The fabric is sewn together to create (what some would consider) the most stylish bags and accessories known to humankind. Fun fact — It takes 12 plastic bottles to make one Parkland Kingston backpack.
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