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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For This Holiday Season

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For This Holiday Season

Captiv8 Supply: With products that vary from penny pouches to wall pennants, you’re sure to find the stocking stuffer you need with our colored canvas options – Choose from 30 different colors! 

The Ladybug

Hardware or pencils or makeup, the Ladybug is an excellent choice. Cylindrical in shape and small-ish in size, all around, the Ladybug is a versatile and well-rounded pouch. 

The Penny Key Ring

Tired of having your cards all over the place? Some are in your wallet, some are in your car, some are who knows where. Whether they’re business or credit or rewards, keep your cards in our Penny Key Ring specifically designed to hold them all!

The Dime Piece Pouch

Small and round and cheery, the Dime Piece is the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s a coin purse or a pouch for keeping your purse candies together or a safe place for jewelry in a suitcase or an earbud carrying case or anything you can think of.

The Pancake To Go

Pancakes in pouches? Gibberish. Whether that’s your jam or not, this round Pancake To Go Pouch can hold it all, trinkets, tidbits, and accessories alike. With a unique shape and a wristlet strap, this circular pouch is prime for whatever, whenever! 

The Wallflower

Bored with your walls? Wish there was more to your every day than just pictures that you still haven’t hung? Please meet the Wallflower – A two-point, Guidon-style wall pennant with a dowel and ribbon for hanging and a dream to adorn walls. It’s the perfect piece to add to your home, office, garage, anywhere! It’s available in a large, medium or small size.

The Jitterbug

It’s cute, it’s functional, it’s versatile. With a square gusset and rectangular shape, this is a great pouch to keep around! Don’t keep your writing instruments (or any small thing, for that matter) in a box or smoosh them into a flat pouch; give them room to breathe and find a home with the Jitterbug.  

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