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Real Fruit with Edible Messaging

Real Fruit with Edible Messaging

Captiv8 Supply: Want to increase healthy eating in a junk food world? Look no further than IMPRINTED FRUIT! Add a fun factor to nutritious food to attract both children and adults to snack and eat healthy.

Aside from wanting to promote healthy eating, these imprinted fruits are PERFECT for any event – business and wellness events, weddings and special events, or schools, scouts and camp events. They can be used as table decor, as part of a gift basket, as a business meeting snack… the list goes on and on. Plus, they are totally Instagram-worthy ?

Choose from apples, oranges, pears, lemons or limes.

Is the imprint safe to eat? Of course it is! The imprint is not a sticker or a stamp. The image is made from food-grade ingredients (i.e. exactly what is used on M&M’s), and all equipment, packaging, and methods meet federal standards of purity and quality. The applied image is FDA and Kosher approved.

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