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Blend on the Go with the Revablend™

Blend on the Go with the Revablend™

Captiv8 Supply: Blend on the go – no batteries or electricity needed! The Revablend™ allows you to make fresh smoothies, protein shakes, salsa, salad dressings and more… all on-the-go!

These bottles are made with polypropylene material and come with a snap-on, spill-resistant flip-top lid. Inside, you will find the patented stainless steel blade system that will allow up to 2,000 RPM’s. To blend, either twist the bottom or roll along a clean, dry, flat surface at a 45° angle. Choose from six different base colors, add your logo (silk-screen or vertical imprint) and you’re done – You’ll have an innovative product customized to fit your brand.

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