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Say Goodbye To Beer & Hello To Spiked Seltzer with Custom Slim Can Koozies!

Say Goodbye To Beer & Hello To Spiked Seltzer with Custom Slim Can Koozies! “If there’s a drink that exists, someone will make it boozy. Consider it the Rule 34 of the beverage industry. Boozy root beerBoozy Capri SunBoozy kombucha.

So, given the recent mega-popularity of seltzer, a boozy version of the pleasantly neutral drink was hot on its heels. And now that warmer weather is approaching, it’s poised to become even bigger, as more companies introduce new brands and flavors of the fizzy malted drink. In 2018, alcohol-infused seltzer sales grew about 169 percent, to nearly $487.8 million, while volumes increased 181 percent, according to a January Nielsen report. The category now makes up 1.3 percent of total beer category dollar share. Meanwhile, beer sales have flattened out, with category-wide dollar sales growing only 0.7 percent.

Many major beer brands already have a hard seltzer: MillerCoors has Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water; Boston Beer Co., of Sam Adams fame, shares a parent company with Truly; Mark Anthony Co., the parent company behind the Mike’s Hard brand, has White Claw; and Anheuser-Busch has the brand formerly known as SpikedSeltzer, which recently rebranded as Bon & Viv, with a splashy Super Bowl commercial.”

A can of spiked seltzer and a koozie go hand-in-hand. Choose from a simple, 1-color koozie, or go to the next level and print your full-color design!

12 oz. Slim Fit Koozie

12 oz. Full Color Slim Fit Koozie

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