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Stick Your Screen® – Stick Your Phone to Any Surface!

Stick Your Screen® – Stick Your Phone to Any Surface!

What is Stick Your Screen®? Check out how it works here:

Stick Your Screen® is an attachment system that allows you to stick and un-stick a cell phone to almost any surface. It also serves as a holding device to set your mobile and mobile screen in horizontal position.

Where can I use Stick Your Screen®? You can use it on walls, rocks, windows, wood, the dashboard of your car, tiles, in portrait or in landscape mode. Just attach it to a surface that is as clean as possible and that is dry!

How do you use it? Take a look below.


You just have to stick the back of the Stick Your Screen® sticker to your phone and the front part to the surface of your choice.

How many times can I use it? Stick Your Screen® uses two different types of adhesive layers to bring the best grip in different surfaces. The adhesive capability and reattachment of each unit depends greatly on the use and surfaces where it was used, being completely variable, depending on these factors.

Stick Your Screen® can be designed and manufactured based on your brand logo, pictures and text in the external part of the sticker, and we can also adapt the shape, size and material of the sticker to your demands. Call us to get your project started!


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