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The Dirty Cookie® – Custom Cookies In The Shape Of A Shot Glass!

The Dirty Cookie® – Custom Cookies In The Shape Of A Shot Glass! “The dirty cookie. Sounds pretty gross, doesn’t it? I mean who wants to eat a cookie that’s left on the ground, stomped on, and classified as dirty. After I heard the name, I was dying to hear more about the appeal. How could a cookie with this name be in existence?

The dirty cookie actually sells cookies in the shape of a shot. You pour your milk in and ta-da, you get a whole new cookies and milk experience.

You may be a cookie fan but not a milk one. That is A-OK as well because you can pour whatever you want into these fun Cookie Shots. You hear that, coffee addicts? It’s acceptable for you to pour your morning coffee into a Cookie Shot for an enhanced experience with your drink of choice.

These Cookie Shots are fun to share with friends or to unwind with after a long day. Either way, the Dirty Cookie guarantees pure Belgium chocolate and 100% organic flour. What more could you ask for?”

Go custom!

The Dirty Cookie® Party Pack is the perfect addition that makes any event, meeting, conference or trade show more memorable. A Dirty Cookie® is a chewy and delicious 1.5 oz shot glass shaped cookie that can be filled with your favorite drink for a wonderful sip and bite experience. Made fresh weekly and shipped frozen via 3-day, they have a shelf life of 3 weeks from the ship date at room temperature, so be sure to plan your requested ship date for maximum freshness on your desired hand out date. Available in Cookies & Cream or Chocolate Chip with Ghirardelli chips, ingredients are nut free but made in a shared kitchen. Your logo will be digitally printed on the sugar paper icing.

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