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#Trending: Succulents with Branded Packaging

#Trending: Succulents with Branded Packaging

Captiv8 Supply: In an article from Refinery29, “Houseplants are surprisingly not on the long list of things millennials seem to have “killed,” at least not according to several recently published trend pieces that feature young people who’ve turned their apartments into Instagrammable #urbanjungles.

That’s right: Instagram plant porn is the latest thing soothing us and shielding us from the cold, cruel world. Accounts like @BoyswithPlants, full of hashtags like #monsteramonday and #plantgang, are the new “hot guys reading.”

There are facts behind this verdant madness, too. The 2016 National Gardening Report found that 5 million out of the 6 million Americans who had taken up gardening that year fell into the 18-to-34-year-old demographic. And 37% of millennials grow herbs and plants indoors, as opposed to 28% of baby boomers.”

With facts like these, now is the time to join in on the trend! Check out these various succulent planters that allow you to add your own custom imprint to a tag, card or even to the pot!

Assorted Succulents in Terra Cotta Clay Pot

Assorted Succulents in Brown Pot

Assorted Succulents in Ceramic Mug

Assorted Succulent in 3″ White Ceramic Pot

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