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Wireless Charging Pads for the New Qi-Enabled iPhones!

Wireless Charging Pads for the New Qi-Enabled iPhones!

Captiv8 Supply: Say goodbye to tangled messy wires & lost charging cables! These wireless charging pads are easy to use – Simply place down any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover/case. The power-efficient idle mode prevents overcharging your battery and wasted energy. Each modern design comes with a LED indicator light, so you know when your phone is ready to go. With the new iPhone 8, 8+ and X now Qi-compatible, it’s the perfect time to customize these charging pads to create a promotion your customers will want to use!

The Square Wireless Charging Pad

The Key Wireless Charging Pad


The Puck Wireless Charging Pad


The Dog Tag Wireless Charging Pad


The Stingray Wireless Charging Pad

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