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Custom iLuv Wireless Speaker with Amazon ALEXA!

Custom iLuv Wireless Speaker with Amazon ALEXA!

Captiv8 Supply: Check out this brand new, hi-tech iLuv Wireless Speaker that comes with Amazon ALEXA!

  • This compact cylindrical speaker listens to your commands when you click its top button, and can answer questions, play music, control home automation products, and integrate with additional services thanks to its ALEXA technology!
  • It connects to your devices and network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling you to use it on the go. Its 360° speaker is equipped with iLuv’s jAura sound enhancement technology and can play music for three hours thanks to its long-lasting internal battery.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones and other Bluetooth Devices.

Take a look at the video! – http://

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