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Working From Home Made FUN!

Working From Home Made FUN!

Captiv8 Supply: Working remotely doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It is super important that your employees/customers/clients feel comfortable, safe, and calm during this time. We know the importance of creating a space that inspires you while also staying organized. As you start transitioning to a home office, here are our top picks that will ease that transition a bit.

5 Piece Desk Set

Having a trendy desk set will definitely help you get in the groove of work flow. Tons of colors and already packaged in a beautiful gift box, this is an ideal gift! It comes with a pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser, desk tray and 3 pens. Choose from 17 colors, as well as 6 different patterned boxes. *Each of these items can also be sold separately*

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Le Pen

The classic Le Pen you’ve always known and loved, and now we’ve made it available with your imprint. These pens write in smudge-free ink that matches the barrel color, so let your most colorful ideas flow!

Glass Coffee Mug

ALWAYS stay caffeinated. This classic glass mug holds up to 13 oz. of your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or hot beverage. No more trying to figure out how much is left; with this mug, you’ll always know where you stand with your drink.

3 Piece Jotter Pack

It’s the pen you know and love with a soft touch surface, fine point gel tip, and several color options. It’s definitely doodle-approved. Now you can pick your three favorite colors (or all the same, it’s up to you) and add to your own design to the backer card! Pens and card are stuffed in a clear poly bag before they’re master packed. Choose from 17 pen colors.


Take Note of the infinite customize-ability you can have with these new taskpads. Three sizes, bound with your choice of coil or tape. Digital printing to cover the covers. Choose from 10 page designs for the interior (lined pages, grid pages, calendar pages, etc.)

Vinyl Dollface Pouch

Keep all of your pens, pencils and supplies in one place with this vinyl pouch. Choose from 41 different zipper colors.

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Classic Diner Mug

This 10 oz. curvy diner mug available in 8 “retro colors”.

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