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Woven Blankets Made In The USA

Woven Blankets Made In The USA

Captiv8 Supply: A timeless product paired with innovative design is perfect for events, client gifts, holiday gifts, promotional branding, retail and more. These cotton woven throws beautifully capture simple logos or full color artwork. Available in various sizes and constructions to fit any budget.

2-Color Throws

These 2-color throws transform simple logos and designs into cozy pieces of art. Limiting the design to two colors offers an affordable option without sacrificing quality. With four sizes available this budget-friendly throw is perfect for showcasing logos, special events, promotional branding and more.

3-Color Throws

Captivate your audience with a unique product beautifully displaying three-color logos and designs. The 3-color construction allows you to keep it simple or expand into something more intricate.

Full Color

Make a statement in full-color by showcasing detailed art, intricate logos, or photos on a timeless product. With endless design possibilities, these full color throws are perfect for events, merchandise, collectors’ items, and promotional products.

Stock Designs

Choose from six curated designs, choose your colors and add your logo – it’s that simple! Classic designs with subtle logo placement fit beautifully in the home or office.

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