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Be Safe, Stay Clean – Custom Hand Sanitizers

Be Safe, Stay Clean – Custom Hand Sanitizers

Captiv8 Supply: According to research performed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand sanitizer is considered as effective at killing germs as washing your hands with soap and water, unless hands are visibly soiled.

With the recent news, hand sanitizer has become a necessity. Even stores like Walmart and Amazon are having a hard time keeping their shelves stocked. Now is the time to place your order while you can. We’re offering various sanitizer sizes and colors – WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Hand Sanitizer Gel Pocket Bottle

1.8 oz. Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner

1.35 oz. Hand Sanitizer with Color Moisture Beads

1 oz. Hand Sanitizer

1 oz. Hand Sanitizer in Silicone Carabiner

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