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Our Top 10 Must Summer Haves – Plan Ahead For Sunny Days!

Our Top 10 Must Summer Haves – Plan Ahead For Sunny Days!

Captiv8 Supply:

1 | Fully Custom Stand Up Paddle Boards & Surfboards

We offer a variety of summer boards perfect for your beach inspired promotion.  From fully functional surfboards to boards that make awesome display enhancers, we’re sure to have a board that fits your needs.

2 | Pool Tattoos

The same way a desk mat personalizes & dresses up your desk area, a Pool Tattoo does the same thing underwater! The mat sinks down to the bottom of the pool & pulls right back up when you’re finished with it. Customize your Pool Tattoo to any shape or size – Your creativity has no boundaries!

3 | Retro Webbed Lawn Chairs

An old school favorite, back and  better than ever. Made with durable fabric & strong aluminum tube, this chair is compact & lightweight making it easy for carrying and comfortable for relaxing. Choose from 2 different styles – The Classic (16” seat height) or The Low Back (9” seat height).

4 | Lifeguard Straw Hats

Made of 100% straw, this hat features under brim sublimation & a custom woven patch with a black adjustable drawstring for comfortable wear.

5 | Fully Custom Bathing Suits

6 | Steel Belted Full Wrap Cooler

This 54 qt. steel belted cooler can hold up to 85 cans! The added height can hold 2-liter bottles upright to help prevent spills. It features a leak-resistant channel drain (for easy draining without tilting the cooler) and comfort-grip steel handles for easy, controlled lifting and carrying. The rust-resistant, stainless steel lid latch keeps your cooler closed over the twists and turns while traveling. It includes a full color wrap, allowing you to get super creative with your branding.

7 | 3D Printed Ice Pops

By using an innovative 3D printing technique, we can turn your logos or graphics into fully custom ice pops! These ice pops are vegan, gluten-free and 100% all natural. Choose from 5 flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, and Apple.

8 | Giant Jenga & Cornhole

Looking for an entertaining activity for your next trade show or promotion? These games will attract customers and get people involved to help them to remember your brand. Choose from various, full-sized games, each allowing for various imprinting options.

9 | Fully Custom Beach Cruiser

We can create a branded bicycle to suit your specific marketing goals. When it comes to custom bikes, your imagination is the only limit! We can do a full blown custom bike, with any colors and graphics you desire. These are rolling billboards for your company, sure to turn heads and  get your brand noticed! Choose from a cruiser or mountain bike style, then choose from various tire, grip & chain colors to match your brand.

10 | Pool Floats

Kristin is the Marketing Manager at Captiv8 Promotions. She's constantly keeping an eye out for the latest trends & newest products to share with Captiv8's community!