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Custom Headwear NYC: “#TrendAlert: Beanie Season!!”

Custom Headwear NYC: “#TrendAlert: Beanie Season!!”

A division of Captiv8 Promotions, Custom Headwear NYC, shares their insight on the beanie trend and how to spice up a promotional product through the beanie. Check out the post and the page’s link below!


Bad hair day? Freezing day? Sunday morning hangover? The beanie trend to the rescue! Beanies have taken over the stylish streets of Manhattan, and for years, companies and designers have been taking the simplistic design of the small, close-fitting hat and spicing it up. There’s now the beanie with pom poms, graphics, different fabrics, embellishments and wide range of color designs.

Celebrity icons such as Rihanna, David Beckham and Taylor Swift have all been spotted multiple times sporting this beanie. Companies are taking their logos and graphics to promote through the beanie. For instance, at basketball games, you’ll see plenty of beanies with pom poms inline with a team’s color scheme and the team logo/name engraved on the front of the beanie.

Custom Headwear NYC takes this simplistic and popular beanie and differentiates the style from the rest; we’ll take your logo, motto, and/or graphic and create the ultimate promotional beanie so your employees/recipients can rock this trend while promoting your company!