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Custom T-Shirts and Cat-Ear Hoodies for Poncho!

Custom T-Shirts and Cat-Ear Hoodies for Poncho!

We all have a series of apps that give us our regular weather feed, but are also almost never completely accurate. For example, the other day, when you walked out the house in your full on rain gear (which by the way we can customize for you!) – rain boots, rain jacket, and heavy duty umbrella taking up half the room in your briefcase. You feel ready to conquer mother nature’s attempt to ruin your day, until you get into the city and realize Siri was once again wrong, that it only rained for five minutes until the sun came out and the humidity spread like wildfire. And there you are walking into the office sweating and looking like a corporate version of Indiana Jones.

This is why we have and heavily depend on Poncho, a weather service created by mastermind Kuan Huang. How it works is that you sign up via and fill out a survey regarding your zip code, your routines such as your commute to work, what time you wake up, which train you take, and whether or not you have to walk your pets, or even have allergies, and also when you usually leave work. You’ll have the option of either receiving texts, emails, or both and Poncho will send you daily weather updates at your choice of time. These aren’t just standard “flood warning” updates, but a overview of how the weather will change course throughout the day and how that will impact your choice of wardrobe and commute. An example text would be one of the following:

  • Partly cloudy skies & a clear evening. Temps hitting the low 80s. You guys, could this change our attitudes about Mondays?
  • Prime June day in the low 80s. Hot enough, but comfortable. June, you’re much chiller than other months. Looking at you, July.
  • It’d be all fire hydrant sprinklers if we were in old school NYC. Similar to yesterday with temps in the high 80s. Get tan or get to shade.

Captiv8 loves Poncho and was honored to take their creative stance and create a creative promotional product for Poncho. We took the face of Poncho, the cat, and made a yellow hoodie with cat ears on the hood and t-shirts with a giant logo no one would ever fail to miss. Kuan Huang, the creator of Poncho, sports his custom Captiv8 hoodie frequently. Let us know and we’ll customize your very own fun and custom apparel!