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It’s Festival Season! – Necessities To Survive the Weekend

It’s Festival Season! – Necessities To Survive the Weekend

Captiv8 Supply: You’re in the middle of a field surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who came dressed to impress. Pretty soon the sweat takes over the perfume and the scent from lack of showers follows you in a dark cloud, your phone dies in the middle of the first day and you’ve probably attracted so many germs your fingernails could kill Ebola. To avoid looking and smelling messy, or depleting your energy, there are basic necessities you need to have with you.

Custom Poncho – You never know when the weather will turn!

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Available in 6 colors, each packaged in a PVC carrying pouch.

Custom Fanny Pack – Keep your items close to you!

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Available in 6 colors with a zippered main compartment.

Custom Portable Phone Charger – Make sure your phone stays alive all day!

Convenient to carry with a key chain attachment, this key chain power bank features a 600 mAh battery with dual lightning and android connectors (one on each side). Available in white or black plastic with a full-color imprint, it is the perfect tech accessory when you need a quick battery boost.

Custom Hat – Shade your face from the strong sun!

Available in tons of different colors with various imprinting options to choose from!

Custom Hand Sanitizer – Stay sanitary while having fun!

Choose from 4 different scents, 9 different bead colors & 5 different sleeve colors.

Custom Fan – Keep cool in the sun!

This fan comes with a small water container & spray for extra relief from the heat. Two AA batteries are included. Available in 6 colors.

Custom Water Bottle – Stay hydrated the whole day!

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These 21 oz. stainless steel water bottles are available in 9 colors packaged in a retail gift box.

Custom Bandana – The perfect accessory for a festival!

Traditional USA paisley bandanas are offered in 34 different colors with two-sided print and are 100% Cotton

Custom Translucent Sunglasses – Great to block out the sun during a hot day!

Offered in Blue, Charcoal, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow.

Custom Scrunchies – Keep your hair back while partying!

Made with a breathable polyester and spandex blend, scrunchies are an excellent accessory for all-day wear. With full-color, full-bleed CMYK printing, you can create the perfect custom design!