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Summer 2019 Color Trends & Tote Bags to Match!

Summer 2019 Color Trends & Tote Bags to Match!


A clean white Powdered Sugar brightens a cool landscape of nature’s blues and greens with a tangy Lime Zest infusing an additional burst of color freshness.


Radiant Bossy Pink and Fall Fantasy clash with classic favorites Purple Pak Choi and Blueberry Pancake for a colorful explosion accented by a cool clean white Powdered Sugar.


Shocking Iced Mango adds a fruitful punch to a pair of cool watery hues, the sweet pink shade Little Piglet and Mystic Violet, a fanciful lilac.


Blueberry Pancake and Charm Pink, a compendium of hopeful tones full of light and life join forces with the calming pale blue Quietude in a modern expression of happiness.