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Caxirola Replaces Vuvuzela As World Cup Noisemakers”

Caxirola Replaces Vuvuzela As World Cup Noisemakers”

Captiv8 is Customizing the Caxirola – Replaces Vuvuzela As World Cup Noisemakers

Perhaps you recall the vuvuzela, the plastic horn that provided the buzzy soundtrack for the 2010 World Cup? Well, next year’s World Cup in Brazil has a new signature instrument, and thankfully, scientists have already determined that it won’t sound like a chorus of flatulent demons when blown en masse.

Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown designed a new maraca-like instrument for the soccer tournament that he’s dubbed the “caxirola.” This is a new take on an African and South American instrument called the caxixi, which is traditionally made from a tightly woven basket lined with a flat bottom made from dried gourd, and filled with seeds. The noise comes from shaking the caxixi such that the seeds strike that flat bottom.

“The caxirola respects auditory boundaries,” Brown told the Brazilian news portal G1 in April. “It reproduces the sounds of nature, of the sea, so we work with the best engineers to make sure the sound will be pleasing and nice.”

Some modern caxixis are made with metal, but the caxirola is made with “green and sustainable” plastic, Brown says. “We have to be responsible.”

The World Cup is one of the World’s biggest international events. With the huge fan base, now is a great time to put your logo on to a Caxirola. Let’s make some noise with this Hot new product, just in time for the games to begin!
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