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Introducing: KleenWraps

Introducing: KleenWraps

Captiv8 Supply: As the country begins to open up, it’s becoming more and more important to take the proper precautions to stay safe. Introducing KleenWraps, the only patented, antimicrobial, waterproof item that protects against microorganisms found on shared surfaces.

KleenWraps are reusable grip barriers that protect you from the germs and bacteria that live on subway poles, grocery store carts, gym equipment and more.

They are durable and machine-washable, which means you can use them again and again instead of using single-use gloves.

Materials include: 3MM neoprene ionized with iHeir-333 antimicrobial agent, 1MM silicone anti-slip dots, woven velcro, polyester mesh, polyester string and a plastic closure.

Each pair can be packaged in a reusable drawstring mesh bag, where your logo can be imprinted on a custom label.

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